The understanding of Facebook as a business tool is a work in progress. That is part of the fun and excitement of our brave new communication world! … Read more!

The focus in the early stages of Facebook adoption by hospitals has been only on the number of fans, which is indeed the first indicator of engagement. Without fans, a post is truly a monologue. But numbers alone do not ensure repeat or sustained involvement or engagement, and it’s those who are engaged who will turn into customers and spread the word to others. … Read more!

A CEO of a major hospital in Boston told his VP of Marketing that Facebook is very valuable to the hospital, but they should not have to spend a single dollar to make it successful. (This is not simply an outlier view from the C suite.) But what are the direct and indirect costs of mounting and maintaining a Facebook page that actually delivers value? … Check out part three in our series of posts on hospitals’ use of Facebook. … Read more!

In this, the second in our series of posts on the use of social media, particularly Facebook, by hospitals and healthcare institutions, we delve into content. We examine different approaches to Facebook posts and highlight those that tend to be most effective for healthcare institutions looking to turn their customers into fans and fans into customers. … Read more!

Thanks to Jennifer Ware of Good Shepherd Medical Center in Texas for her kind words about UbiCare in her recent article on hospitals’ use of Facebook for Hospital Impact. Check it out! She offers some good tips about the ingredients of a successful hospital Facebook page …

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