This is the conclusion of our series of posts on the use of social media, particularly Facebook, by hospitals and healthcare institutions. In part one, we examined the current condition of Facebook use. In part two, we looked at types of social media content. In part three, we analyzed the costs involved in an effective social media initiative and ROI. In part four, we explored engagement.

The understanding of Facebook as a business tool is a work in progress. That is part of the fun and excitement of our brave new communication world!

But for now, the bottom line for Facebook is about building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Knowing that your fans like your posts and are using them to enhance their lives is what you are driving for, because loyalty begets trust and trust begets business.

This can be achieved by posting high-quality information that fans want and need, then monitoring and measuring what happens, and adjusting tactics accordingly. By calculating the level  of engagement that results from different types of posts, you can begin to tease out your ROI, particularly if you look at these results against what it is really costing your institution to deliver them. Be aware, then, of the costs against the return on what you deliver … and understand the consequences of not delivering it.


[To download the expanded white paper on this topic, click here.]



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