Hello, health pros! We talk all day about how important it is for patients to be engaged with their health, for doctors to hand out preventative care and healthy lifestyle advice along with their prescriptions, and for hospitals to use every available means of reaching their target audience, but how often do we address our own health? If you’re anything like me, it isn’t often.

Enter the new “Healthy Health Pros” segment of our blog. It’s even comes with its own logo, how exciting!

The inspiration for Healthy Health Pros came from a couple fear-inducing pieces of information divulging how detrimental incessant sitting is to your health (See this infographic and this video … EEK!).  Apparently, we’re digging our way six-feet-under every time we park it in our comfy, swivel chairs and click, click away on our computers. Do you want a higher risk of diabetes, heart attacks and blood clots? Is that a loud collective “NO” I hear? That’s what I thought, neither do I.

What shall we do about this? Well, I’m going to use my colleagues as guinea pigs (see the motley crew below) in a “research project” with the goal of creating and maintaining a fit and healthy work environment. We’re on a mission—which they don’t actually know about yet, I’m debuting my plan this week—to become HEALTHY health pros. We’re going to transform our sedentary office life into a baby carrot-munching, energetic one. We’ll share our successes, failures and struggles here. Feel free to enlist and share your ideas and experiences along the way.

The UbiCare Team

Stay tuned, it’s about to get interesting healthy.

-Kaitlin A.K.A. The Healthy Health Pro Cheerleader

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