OK, so it has already been established that it can be a huge challenge to maintain a perfectly healthy lifestyle when we’ve got phone calls to make, bosses/families to please, proposals to write, and so on and so forth. The theme of our Healthy Health Pro feature is to help you make the small changes that have the ability to impact your overall health without the stress of training for a vicious (and in my opinion, absolutely bonkers) marathon or prepping for a starvation-inducing cleanse of lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.  It’s all about taking the time to deduce what is manageable enough to tackle, and whether the effort is worth the time. There tend to be no aussie slots, there are usually solely common myths and tales about them.

I had this in mind when I happened to stumble across this article from the Oprah-approved TV doc, Dr. Oz. Usually when I come across an article telling me 20 great ways I can lose 10 pounds eating only dill pickles, or 37 tips on how to build a skyscraper with paperclips, I prepare myself to read a tome of ridiculousness.  With my skeptic’s optical perched tenaciously on my nose I set to tackle the “6 Easy Ways to Extend Your Life in One Minute or Less”.  “ONE MINUTE OR LESS?!”, I thought, that’s taking it to the extreme, as I swap out my skeptic’s optical for my cynic’s goggles. Nevertheless, I clicked through and read on.

I was pleased to see the six suggestions did not involve any crazy exercising or starvation techniques, but instead easy—really, easy, in fact—things we can all do that have great potential to improve our overall health.  Dr. Oz’s simple recommendations may even be things that you’re already doing in your daily routine (e.g., flossing, getting up out of your chair at least once every hour, and taking chromium, which I fortunately found in my daily vitamin) combined with accessible tips like checking your pulse and eating an egg a day.

Take a peek at his recommendations and let me know what you think. Are they manageable to you? What daily health habits have impact on your life? I shared them with my coworkers already, so I’ll get back to you with their feedback on how accessible they are for them.


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