The dreaded winter layer. No, I am not talking about that itchy wool sweater from Grandma; I’m talking about the “layer” that sneaks up on your midsection around the holiday season from all that green bean casserole. (OK, maybe the mashed potatoes and turkey or roast beef, not to mention the cookies and desserts, played a part, too!)

It’s been dipping down to the 30s in these parts, so getting out for a walking meeting or biking to work has been a bit more unlikely. While brainstorming some ideas to keep my coworkers and myself active during the cold New England winter, I stumbled across this infographic:

Nearly all of the exercises highlighted above are perfect for the office—and, no, they’re not just for women, they’re good for everybody. And I think we could even tackle most of them right here in our cubes. (Tried out the long jumps and I almost crashed into a nearby file cabinet; Dangerous. I’d say nix those in favor of a few extra jumping jacks. We don’t want OSHA knocking at our door!)

Do these exercises look doable enough to tackle in the office? We’re definitely going to give them a try!



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