Confession: I have a small addiction to Pinterest, which I’ve been using for a couple of months now. I can’t get enough of browsing through what seems like an endless library of recipes, crafts and neon fashion trends and tucking away what I want in my boards.

For individuals, its allure is obvious: it’s an innovative and visually appealing way to organize and share your bookmarks. But what about using it for business? I’ve read how useful it has been for Etsy proprietors, but we are a B2B organization; our products are services and not as easy to  depict visually as a charm bracelet or a crocheted scarf.

But I stopped thinking like that after I read a couple of articles offering Pinterest tips for B2B companies:

Should You Use Pinterest in Your B2B Social Media Strategy?

Pinterest and B2B: It’s time to curate our audience!

Then, I got down to the basics with a simple definition of who we are: an e-communication service provider that helps healthcare organizations create care connections that matter. Care connections that matter. There’s our Pinterest strategy—actually our whole social media and business strategy—captured in four words. So we will build our boards to continue to foster connections that matter with the audience we care for: our healthcare provider clients, present and future.

Here are our boards so far:

Books On Our Shelf

Healthy Health Pros

Exciting Infographics

Public Service Projects

Great Care Connections

Favorite Boston Organizations


It’s a start. Do you have any tips for us? We’re all ears!

What’s next? We’ll compile some advice on getting healthcare institutions to be as “pinteresting” as possible. Keep your eyes peeled!


Until then,


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