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Last time, I promised to give guidelines for healthcare institutions creating a Pinterest presence, and here they are. I’ve aggregated what I found to be the best of the web on this topic:

Which recommendations worked best for you?

We think Pinterest is going to grow to be the best social network to show your organization’s creativity and personality. The best pins will not only tell your stories but also paint a dynamic picture of your organization. The more diverse, interesting and imaginative your pins are, the better!

Share your hospital’s Pinterest page in the comments section. We’d love to see your pins!

2 Responses to “Pinterest for Healthcare Round Up”

  1. Hi Kaitlin

    One thing to note about Pinterest: Copyright infringement.

    There is an emerging storm against Pinterest by photographers and other content producers over Pinterest. And Pinterest’s own TOS is very clear about what you can and can’t do on the service, including a no-no on self-promotion.

    Everybody should read Pinterest’s Terms of Service before posting anything that they don’t own.

    This could become Pinterest’s Achilles Heal so-to-speak.


    • Hi Phil,
      Thanks for the comment. This is a huge, and quite annoying, issue if the link is lost to the original photo, recipe, item, etc, etc (when someone pins directly from Pinterest, instead of re-pinning). It seems like Pinterest has to do some altering on the tech side to prevent this from happening.

      If someone is self-promoting themselves on Pinterest with vapid and un-usable content then that will only be detrimental to their efforts. If their self-promotions are creative and useful, then I say share away. What do you think?


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