You already know that soda isn’t the best beverage choice, but the recent HBO/Institute of Medicine film The Weight of the Nation makes it clear that many of the commonly thought of “healthier alternatives”—juice, for example—often aren’t.

The film inspired many of us here at UbiCare to make some small changes for the sake of our health. Step one was to cut out “empty calorie” beverages—soda, sweetened juices and teas and energy drinks—and stick to plain old H2O.

But water on its own can be pretty lackluster, so we brainstormed some ways to jazz it up and keep the cola craving at bay:

  • Add sliced cucumbers and mint.
  • The standby slices of lemon, lime, orange or even grapefruit really make a difference.
  • Add a peppermint or green tea bag (or both!).
  • Mix in some slices of fresh ginger.
  • Try any combination of the above!
  • Make or buy unsweetened iced tea and mix in some raspberries or a few slices of frozen mango.
  • Purchase unflavored seltzer water and add a splash of natural cranberry juice and a lime.

What is your favorite way to flavor your water?

Do you notice any differences in your health after giving sweetened drinks the boot?

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