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Last week, McLaren Central Michigan was ranked in the top 10% of our Facebook Engagement Chart for healthcare, which gave rise to a story being published in the region’s largest circulation publication, the Clare County Review.

What does McLaren Central Michigan do that sets it apart from other hospitals? McLaren shines in its ability to spark interaction on its Facebook page — no simple feat! Rather than haphazardly posting, it has a clearly developed plan and the folks there have done their research.

Check out McLaren’s page and note the questions and timing of posts (e.g., the mid-April post about protecting your skin). Also, they don’t hesitate to pat themselves on the back; sharing their successes shows that they’re proud of the work they’ve done and that they want their audience to know that they’re connected to a strong organization. Congrats on a job well done, McLaren. Keep it up!

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Of all the social media how-to’s and noise out there, these may be the mantras to follow:

  • Define your audience.
  • Be timely and relevant.
  • Share your successes.

Check out where your hospital ranks on our Facebook Engagement Chart. Also review our tips and tricks about how you can reach social media success. We hope to see you at the top soon!

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