Struggling to Gather Emails?
How Hospitals Can Maximize Sign-Up Rates

A crucial part of any sign-up process for communicating with and educating your patients is acquiring their email addresses. That can be tough, we know. The good news is that there are hospitals across the country that have mastered this procedure, and the rest of us can learn from their example.

One method that strikes us as particularly effective is signing up attendees at the educational classes you offer. These classes, perhaps concerning pregnancy or an elective surgical procedure, feature prospective patients who are particularly open to engagement. The classes provide an ideal opportunity to obtain electronic contact information—from the patient as well as family members.

Enter the contacts in a database, labeled as class attendees, and upload the list into a software platform with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. This enables your hospital to stay in touch with this target population on a regular basis, educating your patients about their health and your services, while positioning the hospital as the expert health resource in the community.


Adapted from the white paper “Educating Patients and Enhancing Communications: It’s the Right Thing to do…and R.O.I., too!” Read the whole thing at

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