Betsy Weaver, Ed.D.

Betsy Weaver, Ed.D., is the CEO, President and Founder of TPR Media and UbiCare, the new social media tool that connects hospitals and healthcare marketers with their customers on Facebook and other social media channels. Результаты поиска по Cardiol

How do you measure the value of healthcare electronic marketing (HEM), generally, and engagement, specifically? What we suggest here may help you … read on!

Have you ever considered how tracking and measuring your social media engagement can actually facilitate engagement? How, you may wonder, can measuring engagement create engagement? … Read on.

For healthcare, engagement is about enhancing and streamlining how hospitals connect with and care for their patients. Having high quality, relevant content and messaging is an important part of this. But content is only one ingredient in a successful healthcare electronic marketing (HEM) effort. … Read more
about the other important factors in the equation.

While social media has gained importance as a new means for healthcare providers to engage patients and prospective patients, only through its integration with the other electronic communication (e.g., email), can hospitals and care providers establish connections that truly matter. All healthcare electronic marketing (HEM) efforts must be connected, not just the social ones. … Read more about how and why.

To say engagement is the buzzword du jour is an understatement. Search the term “engaging your customers online” and you’ll net over 12 million results. Why? Engagement offers a way to assess and quantify a return on your investment in electronic communication and online marketing. But engaging customers is not a new concept. Marketers in healthcare have always sought to engage prospective customers and convert that engagement into new or repeat customers. So has anything really changed in healthcare when it comes to engagement? … Read on.

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