Last week, McLaren Central Michigan was ranked in the top 10% of our Facebook Engagement Chart for healthcare, which gave rise to a story being published in the region’s largest circulation publication, the Clare County Review. Iqoption net

What does McLaren Central Michigan do that sets it apart from other hospitals? McLaren shines in its ability to spark interaction on its Facebook page — no simple feat! Rather than haphazardly posting, it has a clearly developed plan and their folks there have done their research.

Yesterday, the American College of Physicians and the Federation of State Medical Boards issued new, more comprehensive guidance and best practices for appropriate conduct for physicians using digital media in care. Follow our guidelines below to make sure you’re doing it right.

Imagine a place where your clients and prospects gather, where they can listen to what you’re saying in real time and engage with you and others with a few simple clicks. Doesn’t this sound like a customer service dream?

We’ve compiled our top five tips for Facebook success. It’s more than having a page and sharing interesting facts and articles, it’s about reaching your audience where they are and giving them content that will intrigue, entertain and inform, while also keeping your goals in mind.

Has your hospital’s Facebook page changed over to the new Timeline format yet? What are your thoughts?

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