How do you spend your day? Do the math. Perhaps you work out for 30-60 minutes a day. You sleep for about 8 hours. That leaves 15 hours of … what, exactly? For most of us, it’s often sitting. At our desks, in our cars, on our couch. That’s a lot of sitting! Read on to learn how to squeeze more activity into your day.

Sitting for hours at a time every day isn’t healthy—no matter what kind of fitness workout you’re involved in. Many recent studies reveal that lengthy sitting raises your health risks and can even shorten your life. Among the findings: The average adult spends 50%–70% of his or her time sitting. The likelihood of dying from cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other illnesses increases by 37% for women and 17% for men who sit for 6 hours or more daily. Every hour spent sitting and watching TV after age 25 shaves 21.8 minutes off your life. Here at UbiCare, where sadly … Read more!

Are you still using Survey Monkey to query your patients on important issues? Here are two reasons to reconsider that approach:

This is a city of innovation, of the best of the best. We’re so thankful for the talented physicians, courageous first responders, and kind citizens who aided the victims. From all of us at UbiCare, our heartfelt thanks. Your efforts are incomparable and we’re proud to call the same city our home.

We were excited and honored recently to be part of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s seminar, “How Technology is Enabling Dynamic Community Care Teams.” Our CEO Betsy Weaver, Ed.D., sat on a panel. Hear what she had to say about the experience and some the trending issues and oportunities regarding healthcare and technology today. Read more and watch our video.

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