Caitlin Howe, of the Boston Public Schools, accepts the Small and Mighty Award from UbiCare's CEO, Betsy Weaver, Ed.D.

Caitlin Howe, of the Boston Public Schools, accepts the Small and Mighty Award from UbiCare’s CEO, Betsy Weaver, Ed.D.

Another organization we honored at our “Small & Mighty” celebration was the Young Entrepreneurs Project (YEP), a Boston public school-based program that addresses career-readiness. Caitlin Howe accepted our award for YEP, and while not directly involved with YEP, she speaks highly of its positive impact on the well-being of young people. It was also fascinating to learn from her that Boston public schools have several initiatives around student health.

For example, Caitlin and her Health and Wellness Department colleagues supply information that math teachers can use to create math problems involving health. They have encouraged English teachers to have kids write a poem about a new fruit or vegetable the kids tried as a result of healthier food being introduced into the schools. They also help teachers incorporate movement into their curricula, so kids exercise more.  On a higher level, Caitlin’s department writes and champions health policies, such as a recent one that made it mandatory for all grains used in Boston public school food to be whole grains.

Learning more about how the YEP students in Boston Public Schools occupy a crossroads between entrepreneurship and healthy living made us even prouder to have them as partners!

One organization UbiCare honored at our recent “Small & Mighty” celebration was Artists for Humanity (AFH), which helps underserved youth develop their artistic skills through paid employment in the arts. We spoke with Jason Talbot, Special Projects Director and Video Mentor for AFH. Read on to learn about this incredible organization.

We all know how much pressure hospitals are under to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. One solution may be to improve the connection that hospitals have with their patients. Our latest white paper is all about what it takes to implement an engaging e-communications program and the litany of benefits this kind of program can provide, including significant cost savings, a boost in HCAHPS scores and enhanced staff productivity.

Unlike Keith Richards, we’ve found a rockin’ way to get satisfaction. Patient satisfaction, that is. We recently surveyed military providers and patients to gauge how UbiCare’s communication software improves experience and outcomes.

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