Did you know that the average wait to find a match for a bone marrow stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor from adult sources is more than 50 days? For umbilical cord blood, it’s about 12 days. Read on to learn more.

Here’s an interesting story about how cord blood banking figured into the Patrick family’s family planning. Read more and watch the video of their story.

If your child has an “applicable medical condition,” you may qualify for free or reduced-cost sibling-directed banking for a child you have later (perhaps one who was conceived in part for his or her cord blood stem cells). Click here to learn more.

Certain ethnicities, particularly African Americans and those of mixed race, may have a hard time finding a match in the public stem cell banks. Read more to learn why and more about the options.

How do you decide which family (private) bank is the right choice for your family? Here are some tips and resources to help you decide.

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