A crucial part of any sign-up process for communicating with and educating your patients is acquiring their email addresses. The good news is that there are hospitals across the country that have mastered this procedure, and the rest of us can learn from their example.

The key to maximizing your email program is to boost the number of individuals in your database and reach as many of them as possible.

Here are seven easy, no-risk tips and strategies for registering patients for your targeted messages:

I have noticed in the past few months that my attention has been drifting away from targeted highly relevant content to data, data, data! Apparently, I have plenty of company. 6% of respondents to the Return Path survey [September 2012] said that … Posted by Betsy Weaver, Ed.D. at 2:25 pm Tagged with: , , , ,

Are you refreshing your approach to your email and e-communication? We are. Here’s why …
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