We all know how much pressure hospitals are under to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. One solution may be to improve the connection that hospitals have with their patients. Our latest white paper is all about what it takes to implement an engaging e-communications program and the litany of benefits this kind of program can provide, including significant cost savings, a boost in HCAHPS scores and enhanced staff productivity.

Unlike Keith Richards, we’ve found a rockin’ way to get satisfaction. Patient satisfaction, that is. We recently surveyed military providers and patients to gauge how UbiCare’s communication software improves experience and outcomes.

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Imagine a place where your clients and prospects gather, where they can listen to what you’re saying in real time and engage with you and others with a few simple clicks. Doesn’t this sound like a customer service dream?

The key to maximizing your email program is to boost the number of individuals in your database and reach as many of them as possible.

Here are seven easy, no-risk tips and strategies for registering patients for your targeted messages:

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