Every marketer who has ever suggested implementing a social media program gets the same question from the executive team: How can you prove its ROI? Like any traditional program, there are hard metrics and numbers to present, as well as those “fuzzier” results. Here are some suggestions for how to measure your success. … Read on.

When you make the commitment to participate in social media, you are opening yourself up to all forms of feedback – both good and bad. While no one likes to see a post from a disgruntled or dissatisfied customer, it’s inevitable in an open forum – so you need to be prepared as to how you will deal with it. These tips will help … read on.

What good is a Facebook page or Twitter feed if your messages go unread? Having a strong following, chock full of the “right” people – i.e., your patients, community and influencers – is imperative to the success of your social media strategy. Here are some tips for attracting and engaging fans and followers … read on.

Everyone knows content is king, but how do you go about building meaningful content for your social networks? Read on for some suggestions.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions have been very cautious when it comes to use of social networks, particularly employees’ use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms in the workplace. While understandable, the concerns behind this caution are – or should be – moot points. Here’s why

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