We all know how much pressure hospitals are under to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. One solution may be to improve the connection that hospitals have with their patients. Our latest white paper is all about what it takes to implement an engaging e-communications program and the litany of benefits this kind of program can provide, including significant cost savings, a boost in HCAHPS scores and enhanced staff productivity.

To say engagement is the buzzword du jour is an understatement. Search the term “engaging your customers online” and you’ll net over 12 million results. Why? Engagement offers a way to assess and quantify a return on your investment in electronic communication and online marketing. But engaging customers is not a new concept. Marketers in healthcare have always sought to engage prospective customers and convert that engagement into new or repeat customers. So has anything really changed in healthcare when it comes to engagement? … Read on.

In this, the second in our series of posts on the use of social media, particularly Facebook, by hospitals and healthcare institutions, we delve into content. We examine different approaches to Facebook posts and highlight those that tend to be most effective for healthcare institutions looking to turn their customers into fans and fans into customers. … Read more!

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